WinCo Overland

WinCo Foods announced plans in 2016 for a south Meridian store at 2600 E. Overland Road, near the Eagle Road Interchange. However, the company withdrew its application in January.

WinCo Foods has withdrawn an application for a preliminary subdivision plat on Overland Road, where a new WinCo grocery store has been planned since 2016.

An application was filed to divide the 18.75-acre development near Majestic Cinemas into seven building lots. The proposed new WinCo store would take up 13 acres of that on one large building lot. Uses for the other six lots haven’t been determined yet, according to information presented during the Jan. 4 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The commission voted to recommend approval of the subdivision to City Council. A public hearing was scheduled for the Feb. 6 City Council meeting.

Tait and Associates, which represents WinCo, sent a letter to the city on Jan. 26 notifying officials that the application is withdrawn and signage would be removed from the site. The letter is included in the City Council agenda packet.

A WinCo spokesman has not returned a phone call from the Meridian Press seeking comment. Dan Zimmerman of Tait and Associates was present at the Feb. 6 meeting and told City Council he had been directed not to comment on the project.

Council voted to accept the application withdrawal.

Two new WinCo grocery stores planned for Meridian have been going through the public planning process, including the one on Overland and one at a new development, Linder Village, proposed for Linder Road and Chinden Boulevard.


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