Name: Jordan Moorhouse

Campaign website:

Age: 30

Family: Wife, Rebecca Moorhouse, two boys Quinton and Desmond

Occupation and previous relevant work experience: Realtor with Amherst Madison

Political experience, including campaigns: None

2017 campaign endorsements: Ty Palmer - Current member of Meridian City Council. Joe Palmer - Current Idaho Legislature

Have you ever filed bankruptcy for yourself or for your business? No

Have you been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony charges (traffic citations not included)? No

Why are you running for this office?

I grew up in Meridian and moved back here when my wife and I had our first son. We wanted to raise our children here and be apart of a wonderful community that helped raise me. I want to give back and serve the city that has given so much to me and my family. I want to continue the legacy of making Meridian one of the best places to live and raise a family in the United States.

What are the top three issues facing the city, and how will you address those issues?

Managing Infrastructure Issues - With the growth that has come to Meridian, a concern for many in the community has been traffic and the management of infrastructure within the city. I think it is important for city officials to work with the Ada County Highway District and the Idaho Transportation Department in open and transparent dialogue on solving these issues as a partnership that does not create a tax burden on land owners and the private sector.

Supply and demand issues in the local housing market - The low inventory and increasing housing demand has led to an increase in housing prices. I think it is important to work with the development and construction community and approve housing projects that will help with this demand.

Managing the City's Budget as the growth continues - It is important that the city continues its partnerships with other local government officials and the private sector to find cost effective solutions to our communities needs and concerns. The budget needs to continually be examined for unnecessary spending. Find solutions to budget needs that does not require the continuation of raising taxes and levies.

Do you approve of the way Meridian has grown over the past 10 years? If so, please explain. If not, please explain what you would do differently as a City Council member.

Meridian has created a community that is one of the best places in the United States to live. The desire to live here continues to spread and people continue to come to this great city. I think this growth, while it has brought different challenges and issues has been a great thing. People have used their freedoms in our great country to move here and enjoy a standard of living that the city has helped promote and establish. I would work with our partners in the other government positions and the private sector to strengthen these relationships and find solutions associated with the growth.

Though Meridian doesn't manage roads or schools, how would issues of traffic congestion and school capacity influence your decision to approve or deny an annexation, rezone or comprehensive plan amendment?

Like previously mentioned, it is important to work with the other local government officials in their specific jurisdictions and developers to find cost effective solutions to the current concerns about traffic and the overcrowding of local schools. As we strengthen communication and transparency between these partners, we will manage the growth that will continue to occur. It is important that we work with property owners and developers to approve appropriate developments that will help with the demands of the private sector.

What is your stance on the city taking the allowable 3 percent property tax increase for the next budget year?

I disagree with the 3% increase on property taxes. I think the budget needs to be thoroughly looked at and unnecessary spending needs to be distributed to necessities before we raise property taxes. We need to work with local partnerships to find cost savings and cost effective solutions before taxes increase. Once tax burden increases on citizens very rarely does it go down.

Does Meridian need more affordable housing options? What is the City Council's role in this issue, if any?

Housing prices are dictated by the supply and demand of housing in the city. With very low housing inventory and a high demand for housing in the city, prices have continued to rise. New construction's prices have also increased with increasing wages in the construction trades, the price increases of raw materials needed and rise of land prices. I think for house prices to become more stable the city needs to approve housing developments that meet the demands of the community.

Does Meridian need more public transit options? What is the City Council's role in this issue, if any?

At this time I do not think Meridian is at a size where public transit is a cost effective solution for our traffic concerns. As growth continues I think city council needs to work with ACHD to find appropriate solutions without continually raising the tax burden to the community and the private sector.

Should the city put more resources toward services for the homeless and domestic violence victims? Why or why not?

The city should strengthen its partnerships with local charities and churches that provide services for both the homeless and domestic violence victims. I do not believe the city should put more resources toward these services but rely on the partnerships to provide the appropriate assistance.


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