The new South Meridian Family YMCA is taking shape and is expected to open in May.

The 60,000-square-foot facility is under construction on Amity Road near Eagle Road. It will be Meridian’s first full YMCA facility.

Membership sales are expected to start this spring, said Scott Curtis, vice president and chief advancement officer for the Treasure Valley YMCA.

What makes the new Meridian location unique are the multiple partners involved in this project, Curtis said. The Y, St. Luke’s Health System, West Ada School District and the city all have a hand in a portion of the facility or surrounding land. The long-term goal is to extend that partnership to include the Meridian Library District and an aquatic center. Space is set aside for both, but those pieces are still being figured out. The library district and Western Ada Recreation District both ran bonds that failed to get approval from voters that were meant to pay for their pieces of the project. Curtis said he hopes the library district will be able to have a presence there, and the Y is continuing to work on the aquatic center piece.

“It’s fully our intent to keep working until we have an aquatic center built,” Curtis said.

Collectively, the entire project is known as The Hill and includes the Y and St. Luke’s facility, Hillsdale Elementary and the 10-acre Hillsdale Park.

“This level of partnership has not been seen anywhere else,” Curtis said.

Another key piece of the project is generosity, Curtis said. The land was donated by the Hill family, which has farmed in the area for more than 100 years, and by David Turnbull of Brighton Corporation. The Y is also nearing its $18.5 million fundraising goal for the facility. Curtis said it’s on track to open debt-free.

Once the new Y opens, Hillsdale Elementary, which has been open since fall 2016, will get a new gym to use during school hours, and students will also have access to programs at the Y, Curtis said.

“Every day from 8 to 4 the school will have their own access to the gym,” he said. “It will be locked off to the rest of the Y, but they get to use it all year long.”

The Y is handling the cost of building and maintaining the gym and will use the gym outside of school hours, Curtis said.

Hillsdale also provides space for the Y’s child care program.

St. Luke’s will occupy about 8,000 square feet of the Y facility with a center for lifestyle medicine. This space will include nurse practitioners, classrooms and a transitional gym.

Curtis said St. Luke’s and the Y will have a lot of overlap in who they serve with these programs and will complement each other.

Some of the key features of the Y facility includes a four-story play structure that’s designed to fit children and adults so families can play together, Curtis said.

“That’s unique to this building for us,” he said.

The group fitness rooms will have roll-up garage doors that open to an outdoor patio so classes can be held indoors and outdoors. Those features are in addition to fitness areas and gym space.

“We’re looking forward to getting folks signed up here and seeing the impact it will have on the community,” Curtis said.


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