Storey Bark Park

Meridian’s Storey Bark Park is at 430 E. Watertower Lane, close to the police station.

While the Meridian dog park was bustling with dogs and people Saturday morning, a burglar was busy breaking car windows in the parking lot.

The burglar — or burglars — got away with an estimated $1,500 worth of goods, including purses, cash, electronics and an iPhone, Meridian Police Sgt. Brandon Frasier said.

Four people reported that their car had been broken into — including three who reported smashed car windows, Frasier said. The cars were parked at the Storey Bark Park, 430 E. Watertower Lane.

Police have video footage from a security camera in the parking lot that shows the burglar’s vehicle, Frasier said.

The burglaries happened between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Park-goers contacted police, who quickly arrived and interviewed about 30 people, Frasier said.

The three people with broken windows told police that something of value had been visible inside the car, he said.

“If the would-be car burglar goes by your car and can’t see anything worth stealing, the chances that they’re going to break a window to go on a fishing expedition are really low,” Frasier said.

It’s rare in Meridian for a thief to force entry into a vehicle, he said. Typically, burglars target unlocked cars at night.

“But to have it be broad daylight in the middle of such a busy area is outside the norm,” Frasier said. “However, this time of year as we get into the holiday season, we typically see more of that.”

This time of year, he noted, thieves are looking for Christmas gifts and other valuable items in vehicles.

“It’s still a crime of opportunity,” Frasier said. “So someone’s going to roam around looking into cars, and if they see something valuable, they’ll smash a window.”


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