Two newly-elected school board members both say the district needs more funding to adequately educate its students.

“The class sizes are huge,” Zone 3 winner Carol Sayles said. Sayles narrowly defeated incumbent Loraine Hand Tuesday. “I would like to see the Legislature fund the district so the class sizes could come down to what the state recommends.”

Sayles taught at the primary level in Idaho and California for 37 years. She now teaches second grade in Middleton.

Hand could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Zone 1 winner Tina Dean, 40, also a veteran teacher, said Idaho’s legislators are not giving students their “best shot” at a good education by under funding schools.

“It’s really hard to deliver the education that all the students need when you don’t have the funding to back it up,” Dean said.

Meridian voters also approved the addition of two seats to the city council. The council will go from four to six positions.

“It’s hard to say what the difference will be anytime you add personalities to the mix,” Meridian City Council Chair Brad Hoaglun said about the change. “You hope whoever runs is doing it for the right reasons and not for a personal agenda.”

The two new seats will cost the city up to about $50,000 per position, depending on the level of benefits the new council members receive.

The new seats give residents an opportunity to run for city council while avoiding running against incumbents they supported, Mayor Tammy de Weerd said.

“This community has a great history of people being involved in serving,” De Weerd said.


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