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[[UP]] to the Meridian Police and Fire departments for giving 50 gifts to children who may not have had a present to open on Christmas.

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[[DOWN]] Been to several parades in Meridian, and where are the bands? You need to promote your music departments, West Ada School District, by having at least one marching unit in a parade. What is a parade without a band!

Thumbs up to Meridian Library for winning Idaho Public Library of the Year! Thumbs down for the Meridian/South Ada/West Boise/Kuna/Garden City/ whatever they want to call it school district for wasting millions of dollars to change their name and making parents pay hundreds of dollars extra…

Thumbs up to Meridian Library’s Burgers and Books Club for teens! It was great to see so many kids reading for fun!

Thumbs Up for the free Meridian Symphony in the park! A wonderful evening for families.

Thumbs Down: Helmet usage at the skate park closest to us is 0 percent. Many people with brain injuries will die. The onee who don’t die will be left with a lifetime disability.

Thumbs Up to A Step Ahead Preschool. When they learned I could not make my son’s preschool graduation in the evening, they arranged for a “rehearsal” at an earlier time so I could be there to share the moments/memories! What a fantastic team they have there! I am forever grateful!

Thumbs Down to using “Thumbs Up & Down” as a place for partisan political commentary and endorsements. Don’t we get enough of that elsewhere? Maybe the Meridian Press should consider printing a “letters to the editor” section.

Thumbs up to the Treasure Valley Youth Theater and their production of Peter Pan Junior!

Thumbs Down on the recent Meridian Press articles on various issues. I am getting frustrated with the lack of in-depth reporting on controversial issues. Too often some of the most obvious questions are not addressed, and some of the reporting on certain issues is starting to get very skewed…

Thumbs Down to Meridian for only offering disc golf in parks in the winter. Why not offer it in spring and summer when it’s actually warm enough to enjoy playing a game outside?

Thumbs Up: Ayusa, a non-profit that promotes cultural exchange and leadership programs for high school students from around the world, gives Thumbs Up to Meridian, Nampa, and Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and Blind for being such terrific hosts to one of its exchange students, Hosh…

Thumbs Up: Love seeing the community support for our local sick kids like Brylee Gabby, Savannah J. and Gage Driskell. Glad to see the community wrapping their arms around the families while the kids go through treatment and around the Driskell family while they grieve.

Thumbs Down to the dog owners who forget to stoop and scoop the poop! Real eyesore on our walks around Settlers. Please pick up after your animals. Would you like a collection of poop on your front stoop?

Thumbs Down to the people who burglarized and vandalized the small Taste of Chicago food stand on the intersection of Main Street and Fairview Avenue. It’s unfortunate that things like this happen in our community. But as a community we should all help this man get back on his feet.

Thumbs down to dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets, especially on school fields. It’s just unneighborly and irresponsible. We live in a nicer place than that.

Thumbs Up to officers Washburn and Northway, along with the Meridian Fire Department, for helping unconscious animals after a house fire.

Thumbs up for the great job at keeping the perimeter walkways around Settlers Park cleared. Great for seniors who walk these daily to “stay young.”

Thumbs Up to whoever shoveled the snow from our entire driveway Saturday morning on Bayeux in Meridian. It appears that this person did most of the neighborhood — easily 20 homes. I don’t know how it was done, or even exactly when, but we appreciate it. We’ll do our best to pay it forward.

Thumbs Up to all the civic and church groups reaching out to those less fortunate to make sure everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Thumbs Up to Camp Bow Wow Meridian and Boise for hosting Santa Paws for a Cause to raise funds/donations for local shelters and rescue groups.

Thumbs Up to all Meridian residents for putting up with the eyesore of campaign signs during the election cycle. I know all the candidates appreciate your indulgence. And thank you each and every one who took time to vote.

Thumbs up to David Moberly. We ran against each other for City Council Seat 6. At the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council candidates forum Oct. 23, I told David I couldn’t hear the questions. He manned up and wrote every question on a piece of paper and handed it to me. That’s a man step…

Thumbs up to the Meridian Chamber of Commerce for all they do for not only Meridian business owners but for the entire Treasure Valley. This is one active chamber. Very impressed!

Thumbs Up for The Village at Meridian. What a nice, upscale place to visit, shop, dine and enjoy a movie. Long overdue for Meridian. Thanks to the planners of this marvelous venture. No more need to hunt for parking and deal with the elements in downtown Boise. Thanks again for this in our o…

Thumbs Down: I suggest the new crosswalk light at the entrance of Meridian High be a traffic light.

Thumbs Down: to the number of people biking/blading/skate boarding without helmets. Nine out of ten who suffer a traumatic brain injury will die. The one who doesn’t is often left with a life-changing disability, and many times it is preventable.

Thumbs Up to the Pinnacle Sports Grill on Eagle Road in Meridian. The greatest staff, atmosphere and food! A big thank-you for the birthday surprise.

Thumbs Up to the city of Meridian and Rehab Authority for sponsoring the Meridian Community Block Party!

Thumbs Up to our entire community, because we all look out for one another and care deeply about the town we live in.

Thumbs up to Meridian Home Depot employees who spent hours helping me clean up the weeds in my yard. There are many people like me who moved to Idaho and are trying to adjust. To us, this is like a breath of fresh air. Many people should know that there are so many friendly, helpful and nice…

Thumbs up to the Meridian Police Department for its quick response to some neighborhood issues we are facing lately.

Thumbs up to the staff at the Meridian Press for its recent inquiry on the best places in Meridian to eat. Our family discovered several places that we are going to try. Great way to promote our local establishments.

Thumbs Up: I love that you can take the kiddos to Generation Plaza and frolic in the fountain to cool off — for free!

Thumbs Up to Little Kitchen Pastries for answering the questions of the Killer Cookies 4-H Club, and for awesome fruit danishes.

Thumbs Down on people who are so lazy that they will not put their shopping cart in a cart rack that is a few feet away, but put it in a parking space or behind someone’s vehicle.

Thumbs up for the xeriscaping along the Ten Mile interchange — year round it is so pretty! The lavender, day lilies and yucca are all blooming right now!

Thumbs Down to all the people who ignore “no parking” signs at Storey Park, and to all the parents who arrive with their large bags full of McDonald’s and then send their children to the line for free lunch.

Thumbs Up to Mayor Tammy for learning what firefighters have to go through. Hmmm, will she come to my house if it is on fire?

Thumbs Down: Why are they watering the weeds on the sides of the new 10 Mile on and off ramps?

Thumbs Down to the people who park on Ustick Road under the “no parking” signs at Settler’s Park. The laws should apply to everyone.

Thumbs Down to the city for considering getting rid of our animal shelter. With all the people we have here now, you would think the need for our own shelter would increase. Sending them to Boise does not seem to be in the animal’s best interest. I don’t mean to put the Boise shelter down, b…

Thumbs down: I wish there was something that could be done so we would not lose our animal shelter. Most of us volunteers are so very, very sad. If we had known we were losing the shelter, we could have tried to find someone to donate land or possibly a building we could use. I think it’s a …

Thumbs Down to drivers who merge on to I-84, from areas of Nampa to east Boise, traveling 35 to 45 miles per hour. It creates a dangerous situation for everyone involved. The speed limit is 65 mph, not 35 mph.

THUMBS UP to all the wonderful residents who make up this amazing community. – Pattie McFarlin Walker

THUMBS UP: Thank you to all the parents who shared their stories of losing a child in a car accident at the city’s Town Hall. Your message is making Treasure Valley families safer on the road.