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Last week the Meridian Press ran letters from some readers on the topic of making Meridian smoke free in businesses as well as a poll from the group SmokeFree Idaho. This week the Meridian Press would like to run a response from Mayor Tammy de Weerd on the topic of smoking in Meridian.

We moved here from not California. Have been here eight years; pretty much enjoy it. One thing we really would like to see built is a casino. When we tell people they roll their eyes and say there’s Jackpot. Yes. We have gone many times and noticed most plates down there are 1A. We are baby …

I strongly agree with Mr. Zaremba and Mr. Cavener. It is time we dog owners have a decent and safe dog park to use. I currently drive to the Nampa Dog park several times a week. Why can Nampa have a fun and safe environment for our furry friends, yet Boise and Meridian can’t figure out how t…

My husband, Stephen Warren, is a humble man, so he doesn’t speak much about the extra things he does for our community. He says “it’s my obligation as a business leader.” I want to point them out so Meridian really knows the kind of person he is.

I am the director of the Meridian Senior Center. Joe Borton has been our attorney and supporter for several years. Joe is a very genuine man who helps our seniors with legal inquiries every month.

I support Patrick Malloy for Meridian City Council Seat 2. I have known him for several years and urged him to run for City Council, as he shares my concerns over the ever-expanding regulations and fees that make starting and growing business difficult and expensive.

Meridian Firefighter Local 4627 has endorsed Luke Cavener for City Council. Out of the 17 candidates on the ballot for the Nov. 5 election, the firefighters chose Mr. Cavener as their sole endorsement.