Voters won't see a West Ada trustee recall election in March, but organizers are aiming for the May 17 election date.

“It's still extremely important,” recall organizer and former West Ada superintendent Christine Donnell said. Donnell, along with former West Ada trustee Reid Olsen and current Trustee Mike Vuittonet, are urging voters to recall board members Tina Dean, Julie Madsen, Russell Joki and Carol Sayles.

Daryl Sallaz, the leader of a separate recall effort aimed at Vuittonet, could not be reached by phone today.

Neither group had turned in signatures by Friday, the soft deadline for the recall election to be held March 8, Ada County Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane told Meridian Press.

This is the second round of signature collections. The first round only required signatures from 20 registered voters in each zone. This time around, the number of signatures required is 50 percent or more of the number of votes cast in the zone's last school board election.

Recall supporters have a total of 75 days to collect these signatures — a period that ends around late January for both groups.

Volunteers seeking to recall the group of four trustees have 29 percent of the signatures they need in all four zones combined, Olsen said. The numbers vary widely per zone — from 64 percent of needed signatures collected in Joki's zone to only 3 percent collected in Sayles' zone. This doesn't reflect the level of support for a recall, Olsen said, but rather indicates where volunteer efforts have been focused.

Donnell said the efforts are important because these four trustees have been micromanaging staff and overreaching their roles. She said she could not give specific examples without "endangering some folks." The concerns are far greater than just the way the board members treated former Superintendent Linda Clark, Donnell said.

The recall petition form against Vuittonet claims he violated the open meeting law when approving Clark's contract. The form also criticizes his support of the Cascade Student Transportation busing contract and lack of objection to the increased construction budget for Hillsdale Elementary.

Here's a look at where each zone stands, with numbers of collected signatures provided by Olsen:

Zone 1, Tina Dean

  • 120 recall signatures counted as of Dec. 11
  • 253 recall signatures required
  • Percent collected: 47 percent

Zone 2, Mike Vuittonet

  • Number of recall signatures counted not available
  • 278 recall signatures required

Zone 3, Carol Sayles

  • 10 recall signatures counted as of Dec. 11
  • 335 recall signatures required
  • Percent collected: 3 percent

Zone 4, Julie Madsen

  • 61 recall signatures counted as of Dec. 11
  • 454 recall signatures required
  • Percent collected: 13 percent

Zone 5, Russell Joki

  • 193 recall signatures counted as of Dec. 11
  • 302 recall signatures required
  • Percent collected: 64 percent


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