Construction is expected to start in May on a five-story building that will house Paylocity, Brighton Corporation and other tenants in Meridian’s new Ten Mile Crossing business park.

Paylocity will use 62,000 square feet of the roughly 128,000-square-foot building, and Brighton, which is moving its headquarters from Boise, will use 15,000 square feet, Brighton Corporation CEO David Turnbull said.

TM Crossing is a new 75-acre business park being developed by Brighton and Gardner Company on the northeast corner of Ten Mile Road and Interstate 84. Several commercial tenants, restaurants, retailers, a creek-side pathway and housing are part of the long-term plan.

Paylocity aims to open in July 2018, creating an estimated 400 jobs with room to expand, said Jay Schedler, Paylocity’s vice president of real estate and facilities and human resources. The Chicago-based software company helps businesses manage payroll and human capital.

The Idaho Commerce Department approved Paylocity for a tax reimbursement incentive in 2015. Paylocity opened in 2016 in the C.W. Moore Plaza in downtown Boise, where it employs about 115 people, Schedler said.

Until July 2018, Paylocity will continue to operate in the C.W. Moore Plaza and plans to expand to a second, undisclosed Boise location, Schedler said. He said the company hasn’t planned out if it will continue to operate in Boise after the Meridian facility opens.

Paylocity ultimately chose TM Crossing over downtown Boise because it has more room for parking and future growth, Schedler said.

“Boise is a wonderful little town ... but parking was certainly an issue,” he said. “The bigger issue is we want the ability to expand.”

Meridian’s central location in the Treasure Valley was also a draw, Schedler said, along with the relationship Paylocity had built with Brighton Corporation and Gardner.

“Clearly Ten Mile Road is now starting to transform,” he said. “We’re really excited about being at the front of that.”

Paylocity is not opening a traditional call center in Meridian, Schedler said. The job openings will include account managers and client services team members, who will be assigned to specific clients, he said. The Meridian employees will also work in technical services, learning and development, recruiting and human resources.

State and city of Meridian announcements have said Paylocity is bringing more than 500 jobs to Meridian, but Schedler said the number will be closer to 400, unless the company expands.

Paylocity relocated about 20 people to Boise and expects the rest of the hires to be local, Schedler said. The average wage, according to Commerce Department numbers released in 2015, will be $46,200.

Paylocity’s tax reimbursement incentive from the state is valued at an estimated $6.5 million over 15 years.


Ten Mile Crossing is in Meridian’s new urban renewal district just north of Interstate 84 on the east side of Ten Mile Road.

At full-build out, the business park is expected to have more commercial tenants, retailers, restaurants, apartments and a walking path along Ten Mile Creek. Planning is being done for retail tenants near the corner of Ten Mile and Franklin roads, Turnbull said.

The urban renewal district, approved last summer, covers more than 300 acres, including about 122 acres owned by Treasure Valley Investments manager Mirazim Shakoori. He previously told the Meridian Press that 42 acres will likely be housing and 80 acres will likely be commercial when the land gets developed.

Property tax revenue increases over the life of the urban renewal district will largely be used to reimburse developers for public infrastructure investments in the district, such as streets, sidewalks and street lighting. TM Crossing’s first building is scheduled to open in July 2017 and will house AmeriBen/IEC Group, which provides human resources consulting and third-party administration of health and retirement benefits. The company will move roughly 500 employees from its current offices in the Silverstone Plaza in Meridian to its new headquarters, according to company attorney Bryan Hall.


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