Meridian residents will decide May 21 if they’d like to expand City Council from four to six members.

“As many similarly-sized cities across the state have six members, we thought it was timely to look at, does our community desire an increased number here as well,” Mayor Tammy de Weerd said Feb. 19, when City Council voted unanimously to put the question to public vote.

Caldwell and Boise both have six members, and Nampa will vote May 21 on the expansion of its City Council from four to six members.

The responsibilities of a council member include attending meetings on the first four Tuesdays each month, setting city policy, participating on other boards or associations and representing the city at events.

But the workload is not why Meridian Council members want to put the issue to public vote.

“It’s not because we’re overworked,” Council member Charlie Rountree said Feb. 19. “... It’s simply an opportunity for the citizens of Meridian to tell us what they think and how they want to be governed.”

If citizens approve the expansion, two new City Council members will be voted in Nov. 5 — one to a four-year term and one to a two-year term.

Council Chair Brad Hoaglun, serving his first term, and Council member Keith Bird, in his fourth term, are up for re-election in November.


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