• Cherry Lane between McDermott Road and Linder Road, mobile lane restriction with flagging until Wednesday for utility work.

• Cholla Hills Street and Rio Lomas Avenue between Rio Vista Way and Rio Colinas Drive, closed through Tuesday for sewer work.

• Edmonds Court east of Meridian Road, closed until March 30 for sewer work.

• Fairview Avenue between Stonehenge Way and Meridian Road, lane restriction with flagging, night work only through Sunday for overhead utility work.

• Fairview Avenue between Barbara Drive and Crestmont Drive, lane restriction until May 22 for road rebuilding.

• Franklin Road between Linder Road and Ten Mile Road, lane restriction with flagging and shoulder work until Sept. 30 for road rebuilding and sewer repair.

• Hubbard Road leading into Ten Mile Creek Road east of Cloverdale Road, closed until April 1 for bridge work.

• Meridian Road between Fairview Avenue and James Court Drive, lane restriction with flagging through May 8 for road rebuilding.

• Meridian Road between Franklin Road and Pine Avenue, closed until Oct. 14 for road rebuilding and sewer work.

• Victory Road between Meridian Road and Locust Grove Road, closed until April 1 for bridge work.

• Northwest 1st Street north of Pine Avenue, closed with pedestrian restrictions until March 29 for water-main installation or repair work.

• Cholla Hills Street between Meridian Road and Beaham Avenue, closed through March 29 for sewer work.

n Pine Avenue between Main Street and Linder Road, closed until May 31 for road rebuilding, sewer and water main work.

• Intersection of Meridian Road and Pine Avenue, closed through April 1 allow crews to install storm drain and irrigation crossings and utility companies to install services.

Town Hall meeting

Join ACHD and Meridian City staff to learn about the split corridor project’s progress, upcoming milestones and impacts, and ask questions. Presentations are posted to the project web site, www.meridiansplitcorridor.org the day following the meeting.

• March 25 at 6 p.m.

• Meridian City Hall, 33 E. Broadway


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