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Ever since a Meridian family started Scentsy out of an ocean shipping container on their farm in 2004, the company has continually outgrown its space.

Now its local operations are being centralized on a 63-acre campus — known as the Scentsy Commons — near the corner of Eagle Road and Pine Avenue in Meridian. Six buildings are up, and the seventh, a six-story office tower, will be complete at the end of this year. Employees will move out of rented space at the Portico building in Meridian and into the new tower at the start of 2014.

The driving force behind the consolidation is bringing Scentsy staff together, Vice President of Facilities Brian Stewart said.

“It gives our employees the opportunity to feel like they are proud of the place that they work, they enjoy the place that they work, it gives them certain amenities they might not find at other places, as well as it ties all of us back together,” he said.

Those amenities include a cafeteria, dining room and a small museum for Scentsy memorabilia.

The 167,995-square-foot office tower — almost three times Scentsy's space at the Portico building — also gives the company room for growth, Stewart said.

With three different brands and revenue of $535 million in 2011, room for growth is not a bad idea.

The company’s success impacts other parts of the city. Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd has mentioned Scentsy development in her last three annual reports. When looking at the city’s building permit records, you can see why — from 2010 to 2012, 12 building permits involving Scentsy came to a total of about $37.9 million.

Along with that, Scentsy strives to hire local contractors and architects, Stewart said

“Those construction dollars are staying right here in the Valley, for the most part,” he said.


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