Ryan Neptune of Boise has spearheaded new terrain parks all over the world. Now it’s time for his own community to have one, he said.

His company, Gateway Parks, is offering to build a 10-acre winter and summer terrain park at the Eagle Sports Complex, which was left unfinished after it lost private support during the recession.

Gateway would cover the $1 million needed to build the complex — including a snow hill, bike park, cable wakeboarding park and 19-million gallon reservoir. Gateway would also re-pave the existing skate park.

“Most of these other cities that we’ve worked at are actually giving us somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 to $500,000 to bring this into their city,” Neptune said during a May 28 public hearing before Eagle City Council.

Some residents praised Neptune’s proposal — comparing this rare opportunity to winning the lottery. But those who live near the complex raised concerns that the terrain park would be noisy, cut too deeply into the area’s water supply and create traffic and parking problems. They asked if Neptune had a plan B if the park fell through.

“We’ve done the research over the last several years. Financially, weather-wise, economically, we think it’s extremely viable, and we think it will help the community,” Neptune said.

The new snowmaking fan guns are much quieter than older machines, the facility has adequate parking and the park would use less water in a year than some golf courses use in three days, he said.

Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds and Council members agreed that water supply and other aspects of the proposal need further analysis before the city enters into a contract with Gateway, but they were optimistic about the concept.

“It could be a tremendous opportunity. If you know me at all you know that I’ve been working for a long time to try to bring some industry to this city,” Reynolds said. “... I’m very much in favor of these ideas.”


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