Ada County commissioners said the Ada-Eagle Sports Complex — land the county leases to the city of Eagle — was never intended for commercial use.

That’s a big reason why the county has reservations about developer Ryan Neptune building a 7-acre winter and summer terrain park at the 289-acre complex. The terrain park — a project Neptune had hoped to open next month — would charge an admission fee and bring in private revenue.

“In the current lease agreement, to the county it’s pretty clear what that land is supposed to be used for — public parks, public recreation,” Ada County Commissioner Jim Tibbs said at an open meeting with the city Wednesday.

Eagle City Council approved a license and fee agreement with Neptune Aug. 27.

“How can the city of Eagle sign a contract to do this, come to the county and put pressure on us to pass things when it hasn’t even gone through the normal process?” Commissioner David Case said.

Commissioners said they haven’t closed the door on Neptune’s project, but the lease agreement with the city would need to be renegotiated to allow this type of use.

Another possibility that was explored Wednesday is for Eagle to buy part or all of the complex from the county. The city does have park acquisition money available and would not go into debt to obtain land, Councilman Mark Butler said.

Neptune said he feels prepared on his end, but has to wait for approval.

“We feel like we have everything ready to submit when the time comes,” he said. “… It’s definitely frustrating.”


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