Meridian Canine Rescue staff and volunteers will live inside kennels for 24 hours with dogs that are waiting to be adopted.

The inaugural “Through Their Eyes” event starts at 6 p.m. Friday.

Rescue staff had the idea for the event after seeing that dogs with endearing personalities were routinely getting overlooked by prospective adopters.

Kennel attendant Loretta Lacy said she picked Dexter to be her teammate because he’s misunderstood when he’s in a kennel.

“He puts on a really bad face when people walk by, and people don’t really understand that he’s kind of scared of them,” Lacy said in a press release.

But once Dexter is out of a kennel, she said, he’s a different dog.

“I want people to be able to see how lovey he is, because when there’s a person around him, he just wants to cuddle,” Lacy said. He just really loves people, but [visitors] don’t see that because he gets scared.”

Lacy and Dexter make up #TeamDexter and join five other human-dog partnerships for the shared kennel experience.

Volunteers and staff will enter the kennels on Friday evening and share updates from the other side of the kennel door throughout the event. Supporters can visit Meridian Canine Rescue’s Facebook page to watch their favorite teams and can stop by the facility on Saturday starting at noon to meet the dogs themselves.

Each participating dog will have a bucket on its kennel for cash or check donations made in person toward its adoption fee.

The Meridian Canine Rescue is at 501 E Scenery Lane, Ste. 100 in Meridian, near the Storey Bark Park.


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