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There was a close battle between Republican Rick Visser and Democrat TJ Thomson for Ada County Commission in District 2. Visser won with 98,777 votes, or 53.7 percent, over Thomson's 85,070 votes, or 46.3 percent. Both men are from Boise, and Thomson is a Boise City Councilman.

Voters in the College of Western Idaho district, which includes both Canyon and Ada counties, rejected a $180 million bond on Tuesday, with the bond failing to get two-thirds of voters in support. 

Get to know the candidates and issues in our voter guide at You’ll find survey response from local candidates in legislative and county races.

TJ Thomson isn’t publicly identifying himself as an Obama-inspired Democrat on his signs, website or not even at some open house events. If you believe, “Barack Obama had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to run for public office. He’s not a partisan choice, but [his presidenc…

Bill Rutherford, Senate District 20 candidate, proposes increasing education funding, reducing property taxes with everyone paying their fair share. Idaho has 240,000 K-12 students. At $6,700 per student, our funding is near the bottom nationally. This year, 80 percent of our school district…

Please accept my highest recommendation and support of TJ Thomson for Ada County Commissioner. TJ is a superstar public servant and as a resident of Boise/Ada County for 37 years, I have seen those citizens in our community that are truly leaders and will help shape our children’s futures. T…

I support TJ Thomson for Ada County Commissioner! TJ was raised in Idaho and truly cares about making Ada County the best place to live, work and raise a family. He is a veteran, a father, a husband and a public servant. TJ will focus on improving accountability and transparency in county go…

To date I have received three very expensive to produce mailers convincing me to “Vote YES for WARD.” Not one of these pieces of propaganda funded by anonymous donations has provided any information on how tax rates will be affected by the bond, and the continuing expenses for staffing and m…

Incumbent Steven Harris, R-Meridian, will face challenger Robert Winder, D-Boise, for House Seat A in District 21. Harris did not submit a survey response.

Four-term incumbent Chuck Winder, a Republican from Boise, will face challenger Bill Rutherford, a Democrat from Meridian, for the District 20 Senate seat.

Daniel Weston, a member of the Constitution Party from Meridian, is up against incumbent Joe Palmer, a Republican from Meridian, for seat A in the House of Representatives. Palmer did not submit a survey response.

Two candidates from Eagle are seeking to fill House Seat B in District 14: Republican Gayann DeMordaunt and Democrat Glida Bothwell. The seat is being vacated next term by Reed DeMordaunt, Gayann’s husband. Bothwell did not submit a survey response.

Voters will choose a candidate within the district where they live. Candidate Mike Tracy did not submit a survey response, and incumbent Jim Hansen was not sent a questionnaire because he is running uncontested.

BOISE (AP) — U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador questioned his Democratic challenger’s readiness to be in Congress as well as his ability to read, while first-time candidate James Piotrowski responded that the Idaho congressman had failed to live up to his promises during the their first and only debat…

Curt McKenzie claims endorsements by several groups, among them Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, Idaho Chooses Life and the National Rifle Association. He also claims he would fairly apply the Constitution and statutes as written.

Low-end, fearful Republicans and/or their surrogates can't stand handle a "fair" contest. Republicans have demonstrated on a national stage they can't win a fair contest. They gerrymander, deny voting rights, put up roadblocks at every opportunity to stop people (Democrats) from voting.

Sen. Chuck Winder’s voting record is testament to using political office for the benefit of a few. Programs and regulations designed to help people or to solve problems end up benefiting the well-connected political class.

I live in Senate District 20. My current representative, Chuck Winder is an embarrassment to me and to Idaho. I've often wondered how certain representatives in Idaho get elected and retain their positions after introducing so much nonsense legislation.

The College of Western Idaho will ask voters on Nov. 8 for $180 million to expand and improve its campuses in Nampa and Boise. CWI Board of Trustees made the decision Sept. 6 to put the bond proposal on the November ballot.

Former Republican senator and gubernatorial candidate Russ Fulcher announced Wednesday he is again running for the state's top political seat in 2018.

I am writing in support for Bill Rutherford, candidate for Idaho Senate in District 20. Our students deserve someone who fights for adequate funding for public education and supports our teachers. See his position on public education at