This week, we’ll feature Isabella:

This little dancing queen is one in a million. When she arrived on transport from Phoenix, Isabella was so, so scared. Everything was new and overwhelming. Everything was frightening. So she hid at the back of her kennel and refused to move.

And we waited. Volunteers brought her homemade turkey sausage, cooked steak and chicken, and little bits of string cheese. Slowly but surely, she accepted the offerings. Once we were able to take her out in the yard and she realized nothing bad was going to happen, Isabella began to gain confidence.

It’s been a process, but over the past few weeks, she’s made a lot of progress. New people still scare her, and sometimes loud noises startle her — but when she’s quietly hanging around people she knows, Isabella is a total love.

She wants to be a lapdog, and she wants to be your friend. Isabella will hop up on your lap, on a chair, on your leg — just to be right next to you. She holds herself stiffly with tail tucked when you’re petting her at first, but she tries to be so brave. Once she’s comfortable, she’s dancing and running and pawing at you for loves. Her tail is wagging, her body is relaxed, and it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen.

Isabella has been OK around other dogs her size. She’s standoffish at first but then relaxes. We wouldn’t place her in a home with young kids, and we definitely recommend a quiet, calm, predictable environment.

Isabella is 2 years old, fully vetted and ready to get out of this place. Would someone please come take her home?

The Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, is open between 12-7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The rescue’s phone number is 208-794-0944.

— Submitted by the Meridian Canine Rescue


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