MERIDIAN CANINE RESCUE The Meridian Canine Rescue at 501 E. Scenery Lane is open between 12 and 7 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. The rescue’s phone number is 208-794-0944.

Dogs at the Meridian Canine Rescue have a new agility course, thanks to 16-year-old Kyle Hardy of Meridian.

Hardy spent roughly 90 hours over two months researching, designing and building the four-part course for his Eagle Scout project.

“The pieces provide mental and physical exercise for our pups (and our humans!),” Meridian Canine Rescue Executive Director Jessica Ewing said in an email.

The portable course includes an A-frame, teeter-totter, hoop jump and weave poles made of lumber and PVC pipe. Hardy worked alongside a mentor, Jim Thompson, and 16 other Boy Scouts helped him build the course in July.

“Kyle did an awesome job making a course that was easy to move around and to convert based on the dog’s size and ability,” Ewing said. “We’re all very happy with it.”

Hardy presented the course to the dog rescue on Aug. 1.

“Animals hold a special place in my heart,” he said in an email, “and I am hopeful the agility course will provide the shelter dogs with enrichment activities for years to come.”

Hardy will be a junior at Mountain View High School this fall. He has been involved in scouting since age 9, first as a Cub Scout, then as a Boy Scout. He is in Meridian Troop 62.

Hardy said he’s thankful for Lowe’s Home Improvement for providing the lumber and Home Depot for providing gift cards used for paint and materials.

“My heartfelt thanks go to Jim Thompson, Meridian, for volunteering countless hours to help me perfect the designs and for encouraging me to use my noggin,” Hardy wrote in an email to the Meridian Press. “And I cannot forget my parents, Terry and Stacy Hardy, who have always supported me and even had to gently nudge me along the way to get my Scout work completed so I could become the first in our family to attain the rank of Eagle.”

Hardy also expressed gratitude to Wally Hammons, a family friend, for coordinating a donation of all of the PVC pipe, and to his neighbor, Kit Hobeck, for helping with the welding.


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