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Before there were interstates, there were mostly highways and back roads.

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On the back of the drink menu at Epi's Basque Restaurant is the story of how the restaurant got its name — a story that starts in 1929.

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On a Saturday night in the 1950s, the Meridian Speedway was the happening place to be.

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In the fall of 1959, a young Swiss couple started a meat packing plant off Main Street in Meridian.

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Like most service members of his day, Ray Lytle sought to carve out a future in the favorable economic conditions of post-World War II America.

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At age 77, Jo Wilmot can still bowl strike after strike like it's no problem.

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Before hydraulics, the world’s heavy equipment operated via pulley systems, making cable manufacturing big business.

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Little metal squares, each one with a letter or number on it, collect dust in the Modern Printers' press room.

The financial news site 24/7 Wall St. recently set out on a mission to find the best place in America to live. Staff combed through data on crime rates, job growth and housing affordability. They looked at quality of life factors like weather and things to do.