The city of Meridian has initiated talks with Nampa officials and industry leaders to find a way to preserve the local agricultural heritage while spurring the growth of family-wage jobs. Read more

To settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Boise artist and venue, Idaho State Police agreed to stop enforcing a law that bans alcohol from being served at live performances that contain nudity or sexual content.

  • Meridian Press staff

Remember what road trips were like before smartphones and tablets? We hunted for all the letters of the alphabet in road signs and brought along bingo boards, checking off a square every time we saw that item.

On Sept. 20, Boise student Eric Walton got up in front a big group of people to talk about his experience with bipolar disorder. It was his 17th birthday.

Would anyone out there like to welcome a senior dog into their home and give her a soft place to land for the rest of her life? We have the sweetest, most lovable little senior around — Bambi.

Voters of District 20 have a clear choice in November when it comes to choosing their state senator — they should replace the incumbent with Bill Rutherford. The incumbent, Chuck Winder, favors intrusive state laws that interfere with local control. For example, the incumbent voted for HB464…

Todd Beamer, the man who famously said “Let's roll!” on United Flight 93, had two little boys and a baby girl on the way when he died on Sept. 11, 2001. He and other passengers decided to launch a counterattack on the hijackers rather than allow the plane to be a missile toward its intended …